What we do


We offer the most comprehensive set of financial advice and services. You can contact us for questions on legal and fiscal matters, financial management, constitution and transfer of your wealth.


Our company is independent of all financial institutions. We ensure to deliver the most appropriate advice. Competing, comparing reputable partner solutions and selecting the best financial institutions is part of the service we offer. Clarity of information, tailor-made advice and quality service are our strengths in this area.


Patrimonium Insurance Brokerage operates from Luxembourg as part of the Free Delivery of Services (3rd European Union Life Directive). This regulatory framework allows us to market our life insurance or capitalization products in the European Union and by extension in the countries of the European Economic Area.



Patrimonium Insurance Brokerage S.A

Forme juridique : S.A

Adresse postale du siège social : 35, rue Gruuss Strooss   L- 9991 Weiswampach LUXEMBOURG

Numéro BCE (Banque-Carrefour des entreprises)   RC58273

Numéro de TVA  : LU17158279

Autorité de surveillance compétente Commissariat aux assurance Luxembourgeois (CAA)

Profession réglementée  : Courtier d'assurance